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Our Services:


*We help our clients build trust online & turn that trust into profit.

*We help clients develop a unique voice, become known for it & build a following online.

*We help position our clients in the mind of their target market and help them build a proper brand.


*We develop intelligent websites & digital marketing program & execute them.

*We develop social media strategies & plans.

*We train businesses and organisations on how to achieve social media mastery.


*We develop custom content for social media, blogs, websites and landing pages.

*We help improve search engine rankings for relevant keywords.

*We use content marketing to create interest, generate leads & convert social media followers/website visitors to paying customers.


*We generate ideas for business growth.

*We help businesses acquire, grow and retain customers. We help them prosper online.

*We help our clients develop effective systems and processes that saves them time and make them more profitable.

*We help our clients productize their service(s) and monetize them.


Yinka Brand, Principal of We-Craft-Solutions®, has “proven that he is indeed dependable and committed to helping others, especially entrepreneurs, succeed. ” Mabel Suglo

Co-Founder/CEO, Eco Shoes



*We craft professional sales letter and ad copy for businesses and business owners.

*We help businesses grow their email list organically.

*We help businesses & organisations understand their customers and online followers through analytics.

*We help our clinets go from zero (idea) to launch,

Some Projects & Ideas We’ve Worked On:

In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.

Seth Godin

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